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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Why has my baby turned into a booger factory?

Parker's nose has been running like a faucet for a few days now and it feels like we have been using the nose frida on him non-stop. His snot is clear and he has no other symptoms so I'm not worried about my little Booger Factory being sick. After a little online research, I think I have found the cause. Little man is probably teething! Oh boy. He has been chomping on his crib railing and his toys a little more than usual and the timing is right for his first tooth to come in. I will make sure to double check with our pediatrician at his appointment next week but I'm sure he's teething.

Here are a few tips I found on the interwebz
- The skin in baby's nose is sensitive. Try not to OVER aspirate baby to avoid irritating their nostrils.
- Give baby a little chamomile to help sooth them.
- If the boogers are clear and baby has no other signs of a cold or the flu they are probably ok. Always call your doctor if you think something is wrong.

Here are some items that can help with the river of clear boogers.
[Boogie wipes. Saline wipes in a nice scent]

[NoseFrida. You MUST invest in one of these. Works great, easy to clean snotsucker.]

[Graco Nasal Aspirator. I just purchased this battery operated nasal aspirator from Graco. A product review will be coming soon.]

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