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Monday, September 30, 2013

An Easy Day Trip to Julian

Saturday, we woke up early and drove out to Julian for a half day of old fashion fun. After driving about an hour, we arrived in Julian and were welcomed by the crisp mountain air and clear blue skies. It was the perfect day to wear a sweater and pick some apples. We got to Volcan Valley Apple Farm around 10 AM to beat the crowds and took our sweet time helping Parker pick apples. Most of the apples he tried to pick ended up on the floor (Sorry Volcan Valley!) but he did manage to snag 3 or 4 successfully. I'm glad we went early because by the time we left, there was absolutely no parking and a ton of people pouring in.
After apple picking, we drove to Main Street to have lunch and eat pie! Mom tip: don't be like me and forget your baby carrier. Almost all the buildings in Julian are considered historic which means that doorways are small, access ramps are few and far between and a stroller is not ideal.

[We meant to go to Apple Starr Orchards but accidentally went to the Volcan Valley Apple Farm instead. Since they also grow organic apples, we stayed and got to picking!]

[One of the many many rows of apples. The variety was dizzying. There were a lot of families there enjoying the day.]

[The sky was really that blue. Jonathan apple on the branch.]

[That apple is bigger than Parker's hand.]

[All Parker wanted to do was touch the grass.]

[Little did I know, this was Tuan's first time apple picking too! I learn something new about my husband everyday.]

[To my horror, Parker shoved this apple that he just picked straight into his mouth. Ahh well at least it's organic.]

[My SIL got Parks this batman sweatshirt at H&M. So cute. He's also wearing H&M leggings and TOMS cordones for babies.]

[Parker and Tuan]

[There were 3 different bag sizes for apple picking. We paid $14 for a large bag of apples.]

[After apple picking, we drove to Main Street and had lunch at Miner's Diner. The food was meh. I would not eat there again. There are a lot of other options around.]

[BUT they do have an old fashion soda fountain!]

[Next door is the drug store which happens to have a 'Cave of Candy'. There are a lot of candy shops that sell taffy and other old fashion candy on Main Street.]

[Racks and racks of pies at Mom's Pies. This is what heaven looks like.]

[Mom's also sells caramel apples. Drool.]

[Apple crumb pie a la mode. This alone is worth the drive to Julian.]

[Huge variety of honey at the Julian Cider Mill store.]

[We bought an entire gallon of cherry cider from the Julian Cider Mill. This tastes the best ice cold. I'm drinking a cup as I type.]

For more info about visiting Julian, check out the city website

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