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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Date Night - Oddball Comedy Festival

Yesterday has officially been dubbed "hot mess monday" but it was totally worth it. I went through the day on 2 hours of sleep because Tuan and I went to the Oddball Comedy Festival last night at the Verizon Amphiteather in Irvine. It was a good show...up until the headliner, Dave Chappelle, took the stage. I'm bummed that Chappelle was so out of it during his set but we still had a great night of laughs.
Thanks to my sister and parents for watching Parker so we could finally have a date night. Actually, it turned out to be a triple date night because Tania, Brandon, Phil and Quyen all decided to buy last minute tickets.

[Ugh my nursing bra strap is showing]
[My fave comic on the main stage was Donnel Rawlings aka Ashy Larry from the Chappelle Show]

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