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Thursday, September 19, 2013

A Book Review of Bebe Gourmet

According to our pediatrician, it's time to start adding meat to Parker's diet because breastmilk and veggies alone do not provide him with as much iron as he needs. When I received this news, I immediately began scouring the internet for baby food recipes that include meat. Unsatisfied with anything I found online, I began looking for baby cook books and found **drum roll please** Bebe Gourmet: 100 French-Inspired Baby Food Recipes for Raising an Adventurous Eater by Jenny Carenco. I received the book yesterday (yay for Amazon prime!) and, after a quick flip through, am so excited to prepare some of the meals for Parker. I know it seems silly to need recipes for purees but Jenny's recipes sound so amazing they make ME want to eat baby food. In fact, this smart little book also offers advice on how to translate the baby food recipes into meals for the whole family to save on prep and cook time. There are also bits of info from Dr. Jean Lalau Keraly, a Pediatric Nutritionist and Endocrinologist.

If you have been following the blog, you know that Tuan and I love to eat out and try new food. I hope that this book will awaken Parker's inner foodie.

[Thank you for deciding that what your baby eats is important. Thank you for believing that taste is one of the most important senses that we have.]

[Turkey with Chestnuts and Apples]

[Baby Beef Bourguignon. Yum!]

[Paella for baby]

Bebe Gourmet: 100 French Inspired Baby Food Recipes for Raising the Adventurous Eater
Jenny Carenco with contributions from Dr. Jean Lalau Keraly
Available on Amazon

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