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Monday, September 23, 2013

Kidsonroof - Toys that Stimulate Creativity and Imagination

Let me start and end with this simple statement: I want everything on this website. There is really not much else for me to say. Everything that Kidsonroof offers has been designed to stimulate creativity, imagination and hands-on play without the need for batteries. As much as I love technology, sometimes you need some "old fashion" toys that don't need to be charged or plugged in. Their offerings are too advanced for Parker but I could totally see my nephews and nieces having a wonderful time building, decorating and playing with any of the items from Kidsonroof. Like I said before: I want everything on this website.

About the company:
Back to the source of life! Kidsonroof wishes to re-connect modern life with nature, rediscovering basic values. Kidsonroof offers an ecological approach to the act of playing. Stimulating creativity and imagination lies at the heart of Kidsonroofs products.

Kidsonroof was established in 2005 by Romy Boesveldt (NL 68) and Ilya Yashkin (RUS 67). Together with their 3 kids and their little friends they manage a permanent testlab where new ideas keep coming up. A few weeks per year they go back to an oldfashioned simplicity when spending time in their little shed in the southern French mountains without electricity or running water.

Ilya has been trained as an architural designer (Marchi in Moscow and Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam. His designs are ingeniously three dimensional and very associative. Romy takes care of the conceptual development and styling.


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