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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

6 Month Check Up + TEETH

Parker had his 6 month check up on Tuesday. He was due for 3 more vaccines and his first flu shot so he went home with 4 bandaids on his little thighs. Poor kid. He was very serious and attentive while  Dr. Boies was talking and she said, "I know he's going to be bright" which is news all parents want to hear. Yay! That night he was fussy which I figured was because of the shots but to our surprise he sprouted 3 teeth overnight!! Teeth! Omg my little man is so big now. I can't even handle it.

[Parker at his 6 month check up destroying the lining of the exam table]
[You can definitely see one lateral incisor and one central incisor. I think the other lateral incisor is growing too.]

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