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Thursday, April 9, 2015

2015 Summer Beach Looks for Boys

Our Cabo vacation flights and hotel are officially booked! I can't wait to spend a few relaxing days with some of my most favorite people in Mexico this summer. Now that the big stuff is out of the way, it's time to plan all the little (and not so little) details. On the to do list: work on the itinerary, get Parker a passport, look into travel gear for kids and, the best part of all, plan our outfits. I can just see little man splashing in the pool or hanging out on the beach in any of these outfits. I'm so excited for this big 30th birthday trip!

Boys Summer Looks

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

A Visit from the Easter Bunny

Remember my first post of the fairy door I installed in Parker's room? Saturday morning I snuck out of bed early and put together a toddler-friendly Easter egg hunt that started at the fairy door and ended in the living room. Like a ninja, I quietly placed bunnies and eggs around the house, linking each little surprise to the next with a trail of Fruity O's cereal. Happy with the way things turned out, I snuck back into bed. Almost immediately, Parker turned to me and asked, "What you doing outside, Mommy?" Hahaha. Clearly someone was awake the whole time and waiting for me to come back!

[The Easter Bunny is here!]

So I pick him up and carried him to his room and announced, "The Easter Bunny is here! Look in the door!" He was so happy to see the egg outside of the door that I had to open the door for him. Then he noticed the trail of cereal and started eating the cereals one by one. Tick tick tick tick. Clearly this was going to take forever. So I started pointing out the bunnies and eggs and he quickly got the gist of things. 

Parker followed the trail to the living room until he reached the final bunny which was placed on the blue chair. He was so happy to have found all the eggs! 

[Parker reveling in all the goodies he found.]

I hope everyone had a Happy Easter! Now that Lent is over, I can finally enjoy french fries again. Nom nom nom.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Buzzy Grow Kit for Spring

I picked up this panda Buzzy Grow Kit at Target for Parker while we were shopping for non-candy Easter basket goodies. It's been fun watching the grass grow and "trimming" the panda's hair everyday. The grass grows very fast but it's definitely not as thick as the pictures in the Buzzy ads. Yesterday, Parker touched the grass and said, "Feels nice." We love our little panda friend and it's a great way to get Parker excited about gardening and to celebrate spring. This also satisfies my childhood obsession with chia pets.

[Buzzy Grow Kit $2.49 at Target]

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Happy Easter!

Egg Hunt

Happy Easter, Mamas! Have a blessed day.

[Spotted via Pinterest]

Thursday, April 2, 2015

DIY Mouse Door/Fairy Door

I added a little bit of magic to Parker's room with a fairy door. This door is how magical creatures like leprechauns (St. Patty's Day), Easter bunnies, tooth fairies and elves (Christmas) are able to come into his room to surprise him with little gifts on special holidays and occasions. This project is simple, quick and instantly delightful. Pinterest win. Enjoy!

DIY Fairy Door

Materials Needed
-1 Wooden hinged miniature dollhouse door (bought at Hobby Lobby, also available on Amazon)
-Door accessories (I bought a knocker)
-Paint in desired color
-Glue to applying door accessories
-For my "doorknob" I used a screw eye from a picture hanging kit. It happened to be the right size and color.

I also bought a miniature ladder and bucket. For St. Patty's Day, the bucket was filled with green and gold confetti to make a pot o' gold. I created a little scene inside the door with rainbow and leprechaun stickers.

[Paint the door in your desired color. I popped the acrylic window out before painting. It pops right back in.]

[Let your door dry.]

[Add door accessories. The door is very fragile so be patient and work slowly. I made a small hole and then dipped the end of my door knocker in some glue before attaching it. The screw eye went in easily.]

[Attach your miniature door to the wall using double sided tape. Wait for magical visitors.]

Of course, 20 minutes after I installed the door in his room, Parker ripped the door off the hinges because he was over excited. I just ordered some miniature hinges and screws to make his door more secure. I wish I had thought of that at the beginning. Learn from my mistakes, Mamas!

Wednesday, April 1, 2015