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Friday, December 22, 2017

Hey, Santa!

For the first time ever we had a cooperative kid that wanted to take pictures with Santa. Little man is not so little anymore and this year his interested in jolly old St. Nick is at an all time high. 

Questions I've been asked:
How does Santa fit down the chimney?
Is his belly so big because all he eats is cookies and milk?
Why is he married?
How tall are Santa's elves? Are they taller than me?
Is he watching me right now? 
Where is Santa's house? Can we get there on the freeway?

Parker is quite the curious and chatty little monkey.

santa, santa photos, christmas

It was important for us to find a good Santa that would answer all his questions so we decided to have photos taken with Santa at Seaport Village. We arrived early but there was already a line so Parker and I visited the candy shop and walked along the water looking for crabs while Tuan waited in line for about 30 minutes. Our visit with Santa was pleasant and Eileen was able to capture some good photos of our family. However, I have to note that only 3 of the 7 photos we were given were actually in focus which was very disappointing. For $50, I expect all the photos to be in focus but what is Christmas without some hiccups.

santa, santa photos, christmas

santa, santa photos, christmas

I'm been an absolute trash blogger lately and I apologize. I wish everyone a happy holiday and even happier new year!