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Saturday, May 5, 2018

And then there were 4

I'm happy to announce that we are expecting baby #2! Parker is soooo happy to be finally getting his "own baby." This is how the conversation went when we finally told him the big news.

Me: Parker, I'm pregnant and you are going to be a big brother.
P: What?! When is the baby coming?
Me: In 9 months.
P: 9 months? That's too long. I can't wait that long. Can you just order one from Amazon?

Tuan and I were both dying. Sorry, kid. You can't 2 day ship a new baby!

We're all excited for this new chapter for our family and I have no doubt that Parker will be the coolest, most helpful big brother. It's been half a decade since we were last pregnant so Tuan and I are starting to look for new gear and prepping ourselves to start all over with diapers, sleep deprivation and breastfeeding. This time around, we have an extra pair of little hands to help out!