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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Parker's 2015 Christmas List - Gifts for a 2 Year Old Boy

Below is Parker's 2015 wish list (with helpful links)! These are the items he would be most excited to find underneath the Christmas tree. The list has three major themes.

-Pretend play

Other things he is interested in: octopus, crabs, spiders, books, sperm whales, going to the zoo, going to the park and boba.

1. Bug City. This is the one thing Parker is most excited about. He loves bugs! Hopefully this thing is escape-proof because Tuan does not like bugs. If you get this, you are required to help catch the bugs. Thanksssss.

2. Wild Kratts Power Suit. PURCHASED. Parker loves pretend play and he has been pretending to be the Kratt brothers from the Wild Kratts show. The idea of having creature powers is blowing his mind right now. If you haven't watched the show, you should check it out. I've learned so much about different animals. Yay PBS!

3. Dinotrux. Dinotrux is a Netflix cartoon about dinosaurs that are also construction trucks. It's all about working together to build things to improve their community. Parker is really into it right now. His favorite characters are Rivet (below) and Garby because he poops rocks. Duh.

4. Art supplies or the Artful Parent book. We love working on art projects!

5. Duplo Blocks. Thanks to grandma we have a ton of Legos in house but I have noticed that Parker still enjoys playing with the Duplo blocks more than regular Legos (they're easier to manage with his little hands). I think he would be most interested in the superhero sets.

6. Imaginext. Imaginext toys are awesome. They're high quality and have a lot of moving parts.. Parker flipped out when he saw this transforming batman robot thing at Target. Mama would be happy with any Imaginext toys.

7. Magformers. They're colorful, magnetic and allow you to build. Of course he likes this.

8. Gift cards to the San Diego Zoo for KinderTots classes.

9. Nickels for trips to Nickel City!

10. Planes, trains and automobiles. Parker's fascination with all vehicles continues! Construction trucks and airplanes are high on the list of favorites.
I hope the list was helpful! Of course the gift of your time would be the greatest gift of all. So maybe buy a toy and stay and play at our house. I promise I'll feed you. Happy shopping!

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Give with Thanks Challenge

I think I've finally gotten it through to Parker that Halloween is over and no, it's not Christmas yet. It's Thanksgiving and then Christmas. Trying to get a toddler to understand the concept of Thanksgiving and being thankful has been a little tough but I think it's going to get easier with the help of The Small Seed's Give with Thanks Challenge. The challenge is to perform small acts of service to give thanks to your friends, neighbors and fellow human beings. It's a beautifully simple concept and I hope you join the challenge as well. We are a little behind as I just found this website while trying to come up with ideas for a thankful tree but we will do our best to make up for lost time. Be sure to visit to check out the Give with Thanks Challenge.

Download the free packet which includes a visual tracking system, daily service calendar, prints and mini lessons and additional service ideas at Thanks to the team at The Small Seed for sharing this wonderful challenge and beautifully design packet with the world. Thank you, Readers, for checking out my blog!  

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Southern California Holiday Family Photos with Hello Pinecone Photography

I'm excited to share some of my favorite shots from our holiday session with Hello Pinecone Photography at Red Rock Canyon Park. The park is a little tricky to locate but it is gorgeous and so worth the drive. As always, Erin did an amazing job capturing the playful essence of our little family. It's going to be tough to pick the photo that will go on our 2015 holiday card!

On Tuan:
Shirt and Pants - Topman
Shoes - Cole Haan

On Parker:
Jacket - H&M
Shirt and Pants - Zara Kids
Shoes - Target

On Mary:
Dress - H&M
Boots - Louise et Cie