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Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Baby on Board: Parker's First Time Snowboarding

We just returned from our annual Friends Big Bear trip. The weekend was filled with snow play, laughter, video games and big shared meals. On this trip, Parker went snowboarding for the first time with Tuan while I stayed back at the cabin with baby Harrison. Since I wasn't there first hand, the rest of this post is what was relayed to me by Tuan.

Outfit/gear details

Snow clothes: Cat & Jack from last year
Goggles: Smith
Snowboard and boots: rented from Big Bear Boards

At first little man was hyped to go up the mountain and board with his tiny friends. Look how cute they are with their boards!

He had a little spill and "almost fell off the mountain" after getting off the lift. After crying and asking for mommy, he got back up on his board and did fantastic. Isn't is crazy how fast kids can pick things up? Check out the video below. The guy falling all over the place in the background? That would have been me. 

I absolutely suck at snowboarding so I'm glad I had a reason to stay back at the cabin to hang with baby H and take selfies with the cute snowman the kids made. After a couple of hours of boarding, the kids returned to the cabin to an epic snowball fight and then hours and hours of video games.