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Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Ponies and Longhorns and Piggies Oh My!

Looking for some hands on animal fun in San Diego? Head down to Ponyland where they have a variety of animals you can ride and interact with. Parker along the main road and head in for some animal fun! There are ponies (obviously), a longhorn we couldn't stop staring at, lots of goats, alpacas, pigs, and tortoises. All the animals were very friendly, especially the baby goats. We went on a weekend and there were maybe 5 other families there with small childen. The website says there is a 15 min limit for the petting zoo but we were there longer than that and no one tried to rush us out. I hope you go check out this fun spot that is just minutes from downtown San Diego. Please report back if you do! 

2606 Hollister Street
San Diego, CA 92154

[So much fun!]

[$5 for three laps on the pony track]

[We were too scared to pet this alpaca]

[Goat trying to eat Parker's clothes]

[Parker: Maybe dad won't notice if we take this one home.]