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Monday, October 20, 2014

Halloween: Custom Toddler Fox Cape Costume

It's hard to do everything by yourself. Sometimes, when life throws you curve balls, you just can't do everything that you intend. It's in those moments that you call on your friends. When those moments come during October and you have absolutely no time or energy to make a custom fox costume, you let your crazy friend who knows how her way around a sewing machine take over. I had such a fun time making this adorable little fox cape for my (fairy) goddaughter using this pattern from HelloDearKids. The only thing I didn't like about the pattern is that it didn't include a seam allowance so I had to free hand a little with the pattern cutting. Otherwise, it was pretty simple and the instructions that came with the pattern were excellent. The material used in the instructions was minky which I'm not a fan of. I used orange and white flannel for the outer layer to give the cape a little more heaviness and shape and a cotton print for the lining. It took me 3 hours to make this from beginning to end. The pattern goes up to size 6T.

Thanks for letting me make this amazing little cape for P. She's going to look amazing in it. It was made with love (there are even little hearts on the lining!) by her fairy godmother.

[I had some material leftover so I created a detachable tail because what's a cute fox without a fluffy tail? I free handed a tail shape using the orange flannel, added some white details for the tip, stuffed it with poly and attached a little elastic loop so I could attach it to the button I added on the back of the cape.]

[I love the lining fabric. Tuan actually picked it out at Joanns! Good eye, Husband.]

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