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Thursday, April 2, 2015

DIY Mouse Door/Fairy Door

I added a little bit of magic to Parker's room with a fairy door. This door is how magical creatures like leprechauns (St. Patty's Day), Easter bunnies, tooth fairies and elves (Christmas) are able to come into his room to surprise him with little gifts on special holidays and occasions. This project is simple, quick and instantly delightful. Pinterest win. Enjoy!

DIY Fairy Door

Materials Needed
-1 Wooden hinged miniature dollhouse door (bought at Hobby Lobby, also available on Amazon)
-Door accessories (I bought a knocker)
-Paint in desired color
-Glue to applying door accessories
-For my "doorknob" I used a screw eye from a picture hanging kit. It happened to be the right size and color.

I also bought a miniature ladder and bucket. For St. Patty's Day, the bucket was filled with green and gold confetti to make a pot o' gold. I created a little scene inside the door with rainbow and leprechaun stickers.

[Paint the door in your desired color. I popped the acrylic window out before painting. It pops right back in.]

[Let your door dry.]

[Add door accessories. The door is very fragile so be patient and work slowly. I made a small hole and then dipped the end of my door knocker in some glue before attaching it. The screw eye went in easily.]

[Attach your miniature door to the wall using double sided tape. Wait for magical visitors.]

Of course, 20 minutes after I installed the door in his room, Parker ripped the door off the hinges because he was over excited. I just ordered some miniature hinges and screws to make his door more secure. I wish I had thought of that at the beginning. Learn from my mistakes, Mamas!

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