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Monday, October 14, 2013

Bates Nut Farm - Pumpkin Patch

We've officially checked off two of the fall outings I posted about earlier this month which makes me feel like supermom! Yesterday, we headed to Bates Nut Farm to check out their famous pumpkin patch and take some photos of Parker because we all know he doesn't take enough photos. My friend Christina had told me that the place would be a "total fucking mess" if we didn't get there right when they open so we arrived around 9:30 AM to beat the crowds. Bates did not disappoint! The fields of Big Macs was amazing and Parker had a great time patting the pumpkins. We didn't buy a pumpkin this year because none of them were the right size/shape for the giant squid design I'll be doing but we had a lot of fun taking photos, eating kettle corn, checking out the animals and people watching. We will definitely be back next year, probably even earlier than this year because Bates was a total zoo by the time we left. It was hard to get good photos once it got crowded and the traffic was horrendous and backed up all the way to the main road (about 3 miles). Don't say I didn't warn you!
15954 Woods Valley Road
Valley Center, CA 92082
 Thanks for taking these photos, Husband!

[One of my favorites]

[That gust of wind really messed up Parker's hair]

[I sent my sisters a text of this picture captioned 'He likes them big']

[Too bad Parker was sleeping and missed out on this photo]

[Goats, alpacas, peacocks, geese, pigs, ponies, emus..]

[We learned from the apple orchard debacle and remembered to bring the boba air this time]

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