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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Sitting in the Front Seat

For a while after Parker was born, I always sat in the backseat whenever we got into the car. Why? Because we were paranoid newbie parents who were worried about every cry and baby being lonely in the backseat by himself. For a full year Tuan was our taxi driver while I entertained Parker in the backseat. About three months ago I started sitting in the front passenger seat again and was crushed that Parker didn't even seem to notice! Don't you miss me back there, Kid?? He was too busy doing his baby stuff, another sign of his growing independence. I'm really glad I moved back to the front seat. It makes it a lot easier to hold hands with my husband, sneak in some kisses and have adult conversations. Take, for example, this gem from our drive home from Madden's 3rd birthday on Sunday.

Our friends had hired a Spiderman character to entertain the kids at the party.

T: That Spiderman guy was pretty cool. We should get something like that for Parker's next birthday. I would totally do that if I was taller.
Me: Yes that was pretty cool and he kept the kids entertained.
T: But we would get Batman instead of Spiderman because Batman is a lot cooler. And we can have him sing Happy Birthday in the Batman voice.
Me: Haha that's a great idea.
T: **Sings Happy Birthday to me in the Christian Bale Batman voice complete with dramatic pauses.**
Me: Speechless. I can't believe that just happened.

Oh right. This was suppose to be an example of adult conversation. Well Batman is a pretty serious topic in our house so this totally counts.

[Holy Batman this photo makes me want to rewatch the movie. Hubba hubba. 
Image spotted on Pinterest.]

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