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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

San Diego: Parker's First Visit to World Famous San Diego Zoo

Last Friday, we decided to be spontaneous and took Parker to the San Diego Zoo after dinner. For those that don't know, the zoo stays open until 9 PM during the summer. The extended hours let you see all the nocturnal animals in action, is much cooler and a lot less crowded. They also have a performance of strange people dressed as Australian critters going on for Koalafornia. I renewed our family annual membership ($104 for two adults/kids are free until they turn 3) and off we were to explore. 

Our first stop was at the flamingos and ducks. Of course we saw the ducks! Parker was really excited and kept saying "quack quack". After watching the ducks and dining on chicken strips, we made our way down to the koalas. It's been a little while since I've been to the zoo and the Outback addition was a happy surprise. The koalas were settling down for the night and Parker kept telling us to "shush" because they were sleeping. He loved the wallabies jumping around the koala enclosure. After the koalas we strolled over to Elephant Odyssey. At first he was scared but he warmed up to the elephants and had fun trying to mimic the elephant sounds. On our way out of the zoo, we saw camels and gazelles settling down for the night. The tasmanian devil was running around like it had just taken a double shot of espresso. The peacocks were squawking very loudly in the tree by the exit. It was pretty perfect. I can't wait to go again.  

*Note that the children's zoo closes at 7:30 PM. 

[I'm pretty sure I have a photo in front of the elephant bush from when I was a kid.]

Parker's outfit
Jacket: Old Navy
Shirt: Sly Fox Threads
Sweats: Gap

[So excited to see ducks]

[Mama duck and baby duck]

[Chowing down on chicken strips and ranch dip. He loved the souvenir cup.]

[Koalafornia performance. So weird but Parker liked it.]

[Blurry photo of Parker telling us to shush because the animals are sleeping]

[Daddy & Parker checking out the koalas]

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