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Thursday, July 3, 2014

San Diego County Fair 2014

The Beatles. Fried food. Farm animals. Games that are impossible to win. Live music. That pretty much sums up the San Diego County Fair. We went last Saturday and the fair did not disappoint. My main goal: check out the angora rabbits. Tuan's main goal: get a tray of Mom's cookies. Mission accomplished and Parker had a great time checking out his favorite farm animals. We were in a out in 2 hours which was perfect because it started getting really hot and Parker wanted me to wear him which made it SUPER hot. 

I also want to point out one very fascinating fact. Every year I tell Tuan I want to go see the angora rabbits and every year he says no because he doesn't want his allergies to act up (Tuan is plagued by really terrible allergies). This year he gave and we went to see the rabbit and lo and behold he did not sneeze once. Amazing right? You have been busted, Husband, and your punishment is a lifetime of visiting the angora rabbits at the SD fair.

Have a great Independence Day weekend, Mamas! If you haven't visited the fair yet, this weekend is your last chance.

[We arrived at 10:00 AM to avoid the heat, parking in the dirt lot and the crowds. The first thing we saw were these giant Beatles characters. So awesome.]

[Ahh too much sugar, deep fried everything and giant turkey legs. Normally I would be excited to see and smell everything that makes the fair so unique but this year I am on a diet and trying to be a good diabetic. It's a good thing I didn't learn about the churro funnel cake until after our visit.]

[Photo booths will always have a place in my heart.]

[Tuan and I did indulge in some Navajo fry bread. We tried this for the first time at an Indian pow wow we stumbled across in Balboa Park a few years ago.]

[Thanks to the all my sessions with the dietitian and the Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide, the sight of the Chicken Charlie's sign made me want to puke. If that's not a sign of progress, I don't know what is. Not this year, Fried Klondike Bar!]

[Hello fluffy rabbit!]

[A few years ago, I was kicked in the stomach by a goat in the petting zoo. It was terrible and left a giant bruise. I'm happy to see that the petting zoo's design has changed and that the animals are behind a fence now. This was hands down Parker's favorite part of his Fair experience. He was able to feed his favorite animal (Baa Baa) and loved it when the goats licked his hand. Best $2 we've ever spent.]

[Shameless bragging but check out my arms! I can see that they are getting more toned. Woo hoo!]

[We meet again evil petting zoo goat.]

[See that toy duck? That's a $20 toy duck because we have no fair game skills.]

[Parker's first pony ride. He loved it!]

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