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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

DIY Silk Flower Crown

I went through some old photos over the weekend searching for photos for a slideshow my older sister is working on and stumbled across these photos I meant to post months ago. Me <--- slacker. Better late than never right? I made this floral crown using silk flowers for our spring family photo shoot with Hello Pinecone. Normally I would prefer fresh flowers but I knew they wouldn't last on our 3 hour drive up to LA. Happy crafting!

Materials Needed:
-Silk flowers. The better quality flowers you use the better your crown will look.
-Floral wire
-Floral tape
-Snacks from the check out line at Michaels (optional)

Step 1: Form a circle the size of your head with the floral wire and then wrap it with floral tape

It might look a little wonky but that's okay. You can't tell once the flowers are on.

Step 2: Start adding the flowers. I trimmed the stems and staggered them, wrapping each stem with floral tape. Add flowers until you are satisfied with the result. I kept a mirror nearby to check out my work as I went.

Tada! You are done. How easy was that?

After I took the photo above I realized there were just too many flowers so I removed the ones on the back.

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