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Monday, June 23, 2014

When Bad Hair Happens to Good Babies

This weekend was full of fun times but none of them matter because Parker now has a terrible haircut and we have to figure out a way to fix it. Ugh. It's so bad you guys. It started innocently enough. Tuan's hair person offered to trim Parker's hair after Tuan's haircut. He sat in Tuan's lap and she started trimming and he did fine until the clippers came out and scared him. Once he started wiggling it was all downhill from there. Now my poor kid has a crazyyyy cut that is uneven on the sides and straight across in the front. Does anyone have any advice on how we should proceed? Should we shave it? Can we fix it? Oh boy. I'm leaning towards cutting it super short so it can grow out evenly. The lesson here is pretty clear. Never accept free haircuts. Help!!

Our friends and family have been getting a pretty good laugh out of this one. Comments so far include.

From Brandon, "What are you gonna do? He has an image to maintain, his internet presence is at stake." 
From his nanny, "It's horrible. That haircut better be free."
From Tania, "Did you let Bich babysit?"
From Bich, "He looks like Andrew!" (not necessarily a good thing)
From Quyen, "Oh my god! I literally couldn't stop laughing. Please get it fixed!!"
From Susan (ever the optimist), "Hair grows back really fast."

[Check out the side view. OMG.]

[Looks pretty sad about his new hair cut. We've all been there, kid.]


  1. AMAZING. The side view is the best.

    Maybe go for a baby faux-hawk?

  2. I think we are going to just let it grow out and use product on him to style it until it looks normal again.