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Friday, June 6, 2014

Toddler Issues: Baby Won't Stop Touching My Boobs

Happy Friday! Ahh the weekend is almost upon us. There is a lot going on this weekend in and around San Diego so make sure you check out the Red Tricycle events calendar to get all the details on the San Diego County Fair, Touch a Truck, Art Around Adams and more. I finally managed to make it to the top of the waitlist for the San Diego Libary's museum pass program so we will be using our free passes to visit the New Children's Museum

Moving on to more pressing matters. We are dealing with a bit of a boob problem right now. Parker feels compelled to touch my boobs (or reach his hand into anyone's shirt) when he is hungry. At first it was just when he wanted a bottle but now he also wants to touch my boobs while he is eating his meals. The amount of boob touching he feels compelled to do in order to finish a meal varies but there is always some boob touching that occurs. I'm not sure if this is a normal thing or if my son is a mega boob lover but he makes it very clear when he is hungry or wants to nurse by telling us "buuuu" (nurse in Vietnamese) or "Mum mum" followed by trying to reach into our shirts. Hopefully this phase passes soon. It's kind of embarrassing in public. Has anyone dealt with this problem before? I'd love some advice. He gets really upset when he can't touch my boobs.

I also want to add that Parker totally hates brushing his teeth now. It's become a battle every time so I have stopped trying to brush his teeth with a big boy toothbrush and gone back to the finger brush. Sorry Dr. H, I tried and I failed. Maybe we can try again in a couple of months when he has forgotten how traumatic the first introduction of the big boy toothbrush was.

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