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Monday, June 16, 2014

Father's Day Recap + Lego Family Portrait DIY

Over the past few months I have been secretly compiling a list of items that Tuan has expressed wanting but hasn't purchased for himself because I did not want Father's Day to come around and be stuck with not knowing what to buy. Tuan is what you call particular and he knows what he likes and what he doesn't like. I'm patting myself on the back for planning ahead and putting together a gift that he was excited to receive. Woo hoo! Most of the items were ordered online but I did manage to pull together one DIY project inspired by this awesome tutorial on Apartment Therapy. Seriously? So awesome and perfect for my Lego loving husband.

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Lego Family Portrait DIY

Materials needed
-Shadow box or deep frame (I purchased this on clearance at Michaels)
-Lego minifigs that resemble each family member. I was able to find all my pieces at the Lego store but you can also buy them online. The only hiccup I ran into was that the store didn't carry any dark hair pieces so I had to buy the right hairstyles and paint them using Testors acrylic paint. The minifig forums clearly say to use acrylic paints and not enamel paints. You learn something new everyday.
-Heavy cardstock

-Put your minifigs together. You'll notice that Tuan's figurine is holding a camera. There are a bunch of accessories you can order online to personalize your minifigs. I'm lucky I was able to find a womans shirt for my body. I was thisclose to being dressed like a Renaissance lady or scuba diver.
-Print your family name onto the cardstock. I picked a tall font with clean lines to match the frame.
-Mount the minifigs onto the cardstock and frame.

So easy right? This is a great present to make for Lego-lovers. If you love Legos as much as we do, check out this article from Brick Dave on the Top 10 Ways That Legos Are Educational for Your Child.

[Poor Parker really wanted to play with the Legos but he couldn't get to them]

[Grubby little baby hands]

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