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Monday, June 2, 2014

Disney Parks with a Toddler Part 2

Did we go to California Adventure again this weekend? Yes. Are these photos from this weekend? No. These, my dear readers, are photos from Mother's Day weekend because I am a slacker. Never fear, Disneyland Part 3 will also be posted this week. Enjoy!

[Having some yogurt by the crazy colorful murals by the Mad T Party stage. It's a great spot that is hardly ever busy.]

[On our last trip to Disneyland, we rented a locker to store Parker's cooler of milk. This time we did not and it was so much more convenient to be able to grab a snack or bottle without having to trek through the park. The child care center is located relatively far away from the lockers in the front of the California Adventure park. Side note: I love our TWELVELittle Courage Diaper Backpack. It is stylish, functional and most importantly unisex.]

[In line to watch Disney Junior Live]

[Want to see a baby lose his mind? Let him watch all his favorite characters sing and dance in an interactive show. Baby. Mind. Blown.]

[Parent selfie while we waited for our table at Carthay Circle.]

[The World of Color menu at Carthay Circle. Totally worth the money. The food at Carthay Circle is the best I've ever had in either parks (included at Club 33). Make sure to book a reservation beforehand.]

[The one thing you MUST order at Carthay Circle. House biscuits, fried and stuffed with white cheddar, bacon and jalapeno and served with apricot honey butter.]

[No matter where we go Parker manages to find a duck. It's like a super power or something.]

[Parker sitting patiently while he has his portrait drawn.]

[Is this how you wear 3D glasses?]

[We took a break from the theme park and hung out in our hotel room at the Hilton for a part of the afternoon. They were able to upgrade us to a Disney view room at no extra cost. The Hilton also provides complimentary mini fridges for milk storage and will heat up baby food for you downstairs in their restaurant.]

[We tried our best to keep Parker up for World of Color. The show didn't start until 9:45 PM which is waaaay past his normal bedtime. Strategy 1: feed him an ice cream sundae from Ghiradelli. Strategy 2: go on crazy spinning rides in bugs land.]

[Everything we did to keep him up totally failed. So what else was there to do except put some sunglasses on him and start taking silly photos? Luckily he woke up in the middle of the show and was able to see a bit of it.]

Overall, I thought that California Adventure was a lot easier to navigate with Parker than Disneyland. The lines were a lot shorter for the kiddie rides at Cal Adventure (carousel, everything in Bugs Land). There were more shows and characters that he recognized and the food options are better. Like I said before, the key to making it through the day is to take it easy. Stick to your little one's schedule as much as possible so they don't get too tired or hungry. Take advantage of the services (and air conditioning!) at the childcare center.  I know it's expensive and you want to fit in as much as possible but that really just isn't doable with a little one in tow.

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