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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

San Diego: A Visit the New Children's Museum

Hooray for free passes to the New Children's Museum courtesy of the San Diego Public Library. The last time we visited the museum, Parker was barely 2 mos old and slept through the whole experience. It's hard to believe that little peanut has grown into such a social and curious little toddler. The NCM is a great place for little ones to run around, explore, get dirty and make friends. We were able to find a meter spot across the street and paid $1/hr for parking.

[Throwback photo of Parker from our first visit. Awww he looks so peaceful.]


[Parker and Kaden playing in the Orange We installation. Every time they moved the oranges, a new sound played from a speakers overhead.]

[Delivering food and twerking on Kaden in the Food Truckin' installation.]

[Parker loved the bubble table. He has a great time splashing and grabbing at the bubbles. We had to do an outfit change after this one. It was a mess!]

[Wobbleland is an area for kids 4 and under filled with food sculptures. The boys loved sitting in the orange.]

[And crawling through a giant slice of cheese]

[Tuan rockin out (and looking like Justin Bieber) in the Sound Kitchen]

[Banging on some can drums]

For $80 you can buy a family membership to NCM. That is such a steal and would make an amazing gift.

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