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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Kids Clothing from Color Me Whimsy

How do you shop the best boutiques in South Korea's Namdaemun Market without leaving your house? You visit! I've always been a big fan of South Korean childrens clothing and I'm especially loving the bat hoodie which Parker needs immediately. Happy shopping, Mamas!

More about Color Me Whimsy

We are an exciting up-and-coming boutique, combining both a British sense of style and South Korean fashion sensibilities. Our aim is to offer you a true alternative to what the mainstream has to offer. Run by Ju Lee and Marsha Annon, New York City and Byun Young In, Seoul, South Korea - we are one global family.

We want to introduce you to what we believe is some of the very best in children's clothing that South Korea has to offer. All of our items come from small boutiques within Namdaemun Market which is not only South Korea's largest and oldest traditional market, but one whose influence spans Asia's entire fashion industry. The market's success is in many ways connected to its independent distribution system, and although most of the boutiques are small, almost all of them produce the goods they sell themselves from inside the marketplace.

We have been buying from here for a couple of years and have never been less than satisfied with the items we have received. Not only is our little one Yerrhum always comfortable and stylish, the quality of the material used is top notch and maintains it softness even after multiple washes, (my daughter loves messy play, so everything is worn only once before needing to be washed).

We have selected from the very best designers and we are sure that you too will be happy with your decision to purchase something cool and beautiful from us, Color Me WHIMSY.


  1. This kids clothing is adorable. I love finding these kinds of cute outfits for my kids.

    1. Hi Norma! Glad you like the clothes. I love finding boutiques like this online. I'll be sure to post more when I find them.