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Thursday, December 5, 2013

Cat in the Hat Party Outfits

Happy Friday! Yesterday I received this message via Facebook from a friend.

"Mary, hope you are doing well! I wanted to ask you for a favor.... I love your blog and I adore the way you dress Parker! I can't seem to figure out how to dress Milin unless it comes in a set together... Haha. With his birthday coming up I was wondering if you had an ideas for an outfit."

My first thought was "Yay! Someone likes the mini looks I've been putting together!" Shilpa's adorable son Milin was born a couple of weeks after Parker. I've been Facebook stalking his development and he is the cutest baby! Anyhow, my second thought was "Holy crap, this baby's birthday is after Parker's and I haven't even thought of birthday outfits for little man yet. I better get my shit together."

Here are the little outfits I came up with for baby Milin. I tried to stick to the color scheme without making him 1. wear a cat in the hat costume (SO CUTE) 2. look like he's trying to hard sell cat in the hat gear. I hope this helps provides his mama with inspiration on how to keep Milin looking stylish and comfy at his first birthday party.

Need help putting an outfit together? Just leave a comment below!

Some notes:
1. All these outfits would look cute with this red cardigan from Zara.
2. If it's your birthday, you are allowed to wear yellow pants that scream "Pay attention to me!"
3. I would add these suspenders to this outfit to dress it up even more.

1 comment :

  1. I love the last outfit! The CITH shoes provide the perfect amount of snazz!