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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Postagram App Review

We received a special code for 10 free postagrams two months ago in our Citrus Lane box. I wasn't very interested so I stuck it on the shelf and had not thought about it for a while. I found the little card again while cleaning Parker's room last week and realized the offer is going to expire on Nov 1.

So I went on a postagram sending frenzy and sent cards to our family and friends using the pumpkin patch photos we took at Bates. I get pretty excited when I receive anything in the mail that is not a bill or AARP cards (someone put me on a AARP mailing list. still not funny!) so I knew the recipients of my postagrams would be stoked to get these little cards. The postagrams were a sinch to send, delivered quickly and were excellent quality! I take so many photos of Parker and this is a great way to share those photos with everyone.

Get the app. Send some postagrams. Make people happy.

Postagram App


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