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Thursday, October 24, 2013

ABC Kids Expo - What I'm Excited About

The ABC Kids Expo was held in Oct 15-18 in Las Vegas this year. I wish I could have gone but you have to own a business to attend. Luckily, some of my favorite bloggers attended the show and shared tons of photos info about all the new baby gear that is coming out next year. Here are the items I am most excited for.

[Maxi-Cosi is considering introducing this Bohemian Blue woven fabric. Love it!]

[Duxx's baby projectors are voice-activated nightlights!]

[The Ergo 360 carrier is the company's first that faces forward. It also can be used in four positions — front forward, front inward, back, and hip. Its leg pouches are specially designed to keep babies in the frog position — preventing hip dysplasia.]

[Luca & Co. will enter the toddler furniture area with this cool Art Desk.]
[Oeuf's new Perch toddler bed will be available in walnut or birch.]

For a complete list of new items seen at the show, visit

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