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Friday, October 25, 2013

Giant is the New Mini - Sneak Peek - Parker's 1st Birthday Party

Giant is the new mini. That's going to be my motto for Parker's birthday party. I've been spending a ridiculous amount of time on Pinterest planning Parker's 1st birthday party and I think it's finally coming together. Tuan thinks I am crazy for planning this far in advance but I have to work on all my projects in stages since I have very little free time. Also, I want to give myself enough time to source everything I need to buy and time to get things on sale. Here's a sneak peek of what will be Parker's balloon/confetti/fringe extravaganza. The only thing that stands in the way of my plans is the helium shortage so I'm planning to do as much of my balloon decorations without helium as possible. It's better for the bottom line and won't be affected if I can't get my hands on enough helium tanks.

These are not new or original ideas. They are BIG ideas. Scratch that. They are GIANT ideas.

On another note, the blog is about to hit 10,000 views. WOO HOO! I'm doing a happy dance right now.

[Confetti balloon. Spotted on CakeEventsBlog]

[Giant wall confetti. Spotted on WeeBirdy]

[Giant fringe streamers. Spotted on Oh Happy Day]

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