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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Co Sleeping

Parker moved into our bed 3 months ago and I don't think he's ever going to move out. The situation was fine at first because it made it easier to nurse him at night and all he did was lay there. Then he learned how to roll. And crawl. And sit up. And stand up. Sleeping with Parker is like trying to sleep knowing an anvil is going to fall on you at anytime.
[How I feel at 2 AM when Parker head slams me]
I kid you not, this kid sits up and throws his body around in his sleep and hits us all the time. He also falls asleep wherever he lands. Most of the time it's fine but sometimes it is not fine. See example below.  
[Tuan is fake sleeping. Parker is really sleeping.]

Sometimes I really wish we would have stuck to our guns and followed through with sleep training but then I remember how much I like sleeping with Parker and how easy it is to nurse on demand when he's in bed with us. Ugh. He's never moving out.

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