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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

La Coqueta Children's Clothing aka What the J Crew Baby Collection SHOULD Look Like

I wish we lived in Europe and had easy access to all the amazing children's clothing lines that seem to be in abundance there. Case in point: La Coqueta, a Spanish clothing line for babies and children. Discovering this line almost makes up for the womp womp that is the J Crew baby line. Almost.
I'm in love with all the beautiful sweaters, the cool shirts and the too-cute-for-words desert boots. Parker needs those boots now. Ready to shop? 
[The color of this sweater is so great for fall]

[Love, love, love.]


  1. Thanks for write up Mary!

    Celia x ( La Coqueta)

    1. Hi Celia! The collection is beautiful. Is there anywhere in the US we can buy it in stores? Thanks for reading the blog.

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