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Saturday, July 27, 2013

Product Review - Skip Hop, Baby Bjorn and Bumpkin Bibs

Ahh the wonderful world of baby food. Actually right now I think most of the food is just decorating his hands and face but it's progress. We are 3 days into feeding Parker solids and here's what I've discovered about the bibs I ordered.

1. These Skip Hop bibs will probably be my go to for when we go out in public. They are so adorable and fold up into tiny pouches. Perfect for when we are on the go! 

2. The Bumpkins Dr. Suess bib is cute and easy to clean but the graphics are too distracting for P to handle. The colors distract him from trying to eat.

3. The Baby Bjorn bib is the easiest to clean and will probably be the most used when I feed him at home.

Are there other bibs out there that we should try? I've love to hear any suggestions you may have.


  1. The only bibs that has worked well with me are the silicone bibs. My baby likes it and I get to clean it up easily. That's why I love it.

    1. Yes, the silicone bibs were very easy to clean but they were a little stiff around the neck. I'm glad we no longer need bibs at all!

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