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Friday, July 19, 2013

DIY Succulent Terrarium

Today's project has been made with love for my good friend Susan also known as Parker's biggest fan! Susan commissioned me to make her a succulent terrarium for his office. She's a fancy shmancy lawyer so I wanted to keep it polished with a little bit of glam to reflect her personality. I bought all of my supplies are Wholesale Flowers for under $25. The succulents all came from my garden which has been fully stocked with succulents since my friend Amanda got me hooked while we working on my wedding. Making terrariums is so easy to do so please try to DIY before you splurge on etsy!

Things you will need
Large decorative rocks
Smalls decorative rocks (I used gold)
Potting soil (I use miracle grow)
Decorative moss
Glass bowl

Note: You can pretty much use any container but make sure to seal anything that may leak water

Lay large rocks at the bottom of the container. This is important to encourage good drainage.
Lay potting soil on top of rocks.
Arrange succulents however you like. I like to use succulents with varying heights to make it interesting.
Use small rocks to cover up soil to give your terrarium a more polished look
Place moss as desired.
Enjoy your terrarium! Succulents require very little water. Make sure to water once every other week and give your terrarium access to sunlight.

[Decorative moss, large decorative rocks, small gold rocks]

[Terrarium complete!]

[Use succulents of varying heights to make your terrarium interesting]

[We hope you love it, Susan!]

Wholesale Flowers & Supplies
5305 Metro Street
San Diego, CA 92110

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