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Thursday, October 23, 2014

San Diego: Review of the Waterfront Pumpkin Patch

The Waterfront Park downtown has been high on my list of local parks to visit for a while and I'm glad we finally made it down over the weekend for the Pumpkin Patch event. 

The Pumpkin Patch opened at 11:00 AM and I knew it was crucial to arrive early for any event offering FREE stuff so were there by 10:45 AM. The parking spaces directly in front of the park were full but meter parking was plentiful across the street along Harbor Blvd. We parked right in front of the Star of India and strolled over to the park.

We were greeted by a large colorful lawn full of games and activities for little kids including hoola hoops, building blocks, inflatables, giant jenga and giant connect four. Parker's eyes lit up when he saw the water fountains and wading pools. We played with blocks and hoola hoops for a while and then checked out the San Diego Parks and Rec booth which had some taxidermied animals and live snakes on display. There were also a couple of food trucks on hand but we didn't have the chance to try any of the food.

Parker's Outfit
BOO(yah) baseball tee from & Apparel
Skinny jeans in light wash indigo from Gap
My Spooky baby shoes from My Darling Boutique

**My Darling Boutique is currently offering 20% off all their baby shoes. These shoes well constructed, comfortable and perfect for play dates at places that require you to take your shoes off aka Chuck E Cheese and inflatable parks.

Many of the kids we saw were about 5 and under. Parker had a blast meeting some new friends while playing with these mega lego blocks from Lakeshore. We need a set at home!

People started lining up 5 minutes before 11am for the pumpkin patch. The line grew quickly and by the time we had picked our pumpkin and left the patch, there were at least 100 people in line.

They may not be on the vine but these pumpkins were just as fun to walk through. Most of the pumpkins were your standard jack-o-lanterns but there were also a few Cinderella pumpkins and mini pumpkins available for picking as well. Parker loved picking up the smaller pumpkins and carrying them around. He tried to pick up some of the larger ones too but quickly learned they were too heavy. After picking out a pumpkin, kids had their hand stamped as a way of tracking who had already received a pumpkin. There was a craft station where kids could decorate their pumpkins with foam stickers and markers. We ended up with a big, fat, perfectly round pumpkin that will be used our annual family pumpkin carving contest this weekend. Thank goodness we brought the stroller along! It would not have been fun to carry that thing around. 

A handful of exhibitors were in attendance including San Diego Parks and Recreation, Pinkberry and First 5. Many of them handed out information and freebies like reusable bags and frisbees.

Gorgeous day for a game of frisbee on the lawn.

Thanks for putting on a great event! We will be back next year.

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