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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Halloween: Old MacDonald Inspired Family Costume

Halloween is right around the corner. Do you have your costume ready yet? This year the Nguyens are dressing up as Old (Mrs) MacDonald and a couple of our favorite farm animals! It's no secret that Parker is obsessed with ducks so he's going to be a cute duckling this year. I can't wait to see him quack quack around the neighborhood. Tuan is going to be a cow and I am going to dress up as a trendy Mrs. MacDonald. A plaid shirt and skinny overalls should be easy to find at Forever21. For more costume ideas check out my Halloween board on Pinterest. Will you be dressing up as a family? Leave a comment and share your costume idea!

PS That duck costume needs a lot of modifications. The head piece is too small so I will need to add small strip of elastic to it. The feet covers are too big and Parker kept tripping on them so I will need to trim them back and resew them. The tights are terrible so I'm definitely swapping them out.

Old MacDonald Inspired Family Halloween Costume

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