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Friday, October 10, 2014

Halloween: Monster Pops Tutorial

Since (almost) all the kids are under 3 and we don't know how trick-or-treating will go this year, we have asked everyone to bring a spooky treat to share at the "BOOs and Booze" Halloween party. Over the weekend, Parker and I put together these cute Monster Pops as our sweet contribution. The pops were really easy to make and Parker loved the wiggly eyes. However, five minutes into the project, his attention quickly turned from helping me to eating lollipops. It's a good thing the dum dums are small. This is a fun, inexpensive and un-gory craft to work on with your little one. 

Materials Needed
Tissue paper in coordinating colors
Wiggly eyes in assorted sizes 
Curling ribbon
Dum Dum lollipops
Rotary cutter or scissors
Cutting mat
Zots in size medium (available at Michaels)
A helpful sister in law (Optional but highly recommended. Thanks Loan!)

1. Cut tissue paper into 4x4 inch squares using your rotary cutter, ruler and cutting mat. Using a rotary cutter is the easiest way to go but you can do this with scissors as well.

2. Cut curling ribbon into 5 inch pieces.

3. Place wiggly eyes on Zots and press down to secure adhesive. I love how the medium size Zots were the perfect size to cover the entire back of the smaller wiggly eyes. Those suckers are sticky too.

4. Wrap lollipop in tissue paper and secure with curling ribbon. Repeat as many times as desired. 

5. Remove Zot and wiggly eye from sheet and place as many or as few as you want on each lollipop.

[One dramatic pop.]

That's it! Easy right? Parker ended up sticking wiggly eyes on his face and hands and running around the house. The pops are also fun for little ones to shake so they can watch the eyes move. Enjoy!

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