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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Halloween: Easy Toddler Leggings Tutorial

I have been searching high and low for orange tights for Parker's duck costume. Target? Nope. Old Navy? Nope. Amazon? Yes, but for $15 NOPE. Buy Buy Baby? Maybe but I didn't want to drive to Encinitas. Halloween is right around the corner! Shouldn't orange tights be easy to find?? I gave in and went to Walmart on Saturday and found orange knee high socks. Using this excellent tutorial from How Does She? I made these easy toddler leggings in less than 10 minutes. So easy and they fit great. I'm feeling like a super mom after making leggings out of socks!

Me: Parker, stand by the door so I can take a photo of you in your leggings.
Parker: No, Iron Man!
Me: Fine, go grab Iron Man so we can take a photo.

My baby has opinions now.

Materials Needed
Pair of women's knee high socks
Sewing machine

The tutorial on How Does She? is really good and I didn't feel the need to revinvent the wheel. Check it out here

[My only modification was using 1/2 inch elastic instead of 1 inch elastic since that is what I had on hand. 1 inch elastic would work better if you can get it. I'm amazed that knee high socks are the same length as toddler legs.]

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