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Friday, January 10, 2014

French Cuisine at Bleu Boheme

Years ago Tuan and I went to Paris and fell in love with French cuisine. There was something magical about that trip that we are reminded of everytime we go to a French restuarant. Bleu Boheme in Kensington is one of our favorites in San Diego and has become a special place for us. We came here for our last date before Parker was born and for our 2nd anniversary. Let me start by saying that the food is delicious. Our favorites are the boeuf bourguignon, mussels with roasted garlic shallots which come with a basket of fragrant lavender fries and the onion soup. If you go for brunch, I highly recommend the creme brulee waffle as a dessert, or entree if you are feeling indulgent. In the evening, the restuarant is dimly light and each table is adorned with long white taper candles whose hours of melted wax have formed eye watching shapes. For brunch, the dining room is bright and inviting. I've spied other diners sipping on lavender mimosas that look very tempting.  We have received excellent service everytime we've come to dine and the waitresses are always very accomodating of Parker. I can't wait to go back again and eat more of their fantastic crusty bread. If any of my readers have recommendations for other good French places in San Diego, please leave a comment!
Bleu Boheme
4090 Adams Avenue
San Diego, CA 92116

[Tartine de Steak Hache. Just an example of how generous the portions are at Bleu Boheme.]

[Gauffre Creme Brulee. A belgian waffle, topped with bananas, covered in vanilla custard and crusted with brown sugar. Need I say more? The surface of the waffle is so big you can crack the sugar at least 3 times.]

[I would love to visit Paris again once Parker is older. This giant coloring page map of Paris would be a fun way to get him excited about the city of lights.]

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