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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Cabrillo National Monument 27th Annual Whale Watching Weekend and Inter-Tidal Life Festival - Jan 11-12, 2014

On Saturday, we took Parker to the the Cabrillo National Monument for their 27th Annual Whale Watching Weekend and Inter-Tidal Life Festival. I'm really glad we were looking forward to visiting the tidepools instead of trying to spot some whales because the fog was so thick that you would have needed x-ray vision to spot anything at all. In preparation for our trip to the beach, I made Tuan go with me to find water shoes.
Me: We need water shoes to go tidepooling.
T: Why? We can just wear flip flops.
Me: What if you slip and drop the baby??
T: I'm not gonna drop the baby.
Me: You might drop the baby. just want another pair of shoes.
Me: :)
And that is how we both ended up with new ugly-as-sin but very practical water shoes. I LOVE them.
I hope these photos inspire you to get outdoors and spend some time exploring our beautiful coast. Make sure check when low tide is and arrive early because parking is very limited. We spotted hermit crabs, fish, seaweed, seagrass and anemones among the tidepools. I put Parker down and he was so curious about the textures of the rocks and seaweed. He wriggled his toes in the sand and splashed in the water. The highlight of the day was when he picked up a hermit crab and popped it into his mouth! I quickly fished it out and realized my son is not afraid of anything...which is exactly how I want him to be. For $5/day ($15 for an annual pass) you could not find a better deal. Hopefully next time we go it won't be so foggy. You never know, we might spot a grey whale!
[Walking to the tidepools wishing we had packed our baby carrier.]

[The shrubs, and everything else, were covered in thick fog]


[So many hermit crabs]

[Splashing in the water]

[Not worried about getting into the water because I have my water shoes on!]
Cabrillo National Monument
1800 Cabrillo Memorial Drive
San Diego, CA 92106
(619) 557-5450



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