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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

A Birthday Celebration at SeaWorld San Diego

Last Thursday we celebrated my birthday by spending a day at SeaWorld. The highlight of my day was having breakfast with Shamu. While we ate breakfast, Ulysses the killer whale performed a private show full of jumps, waves and water splashing. Parker loved it! After breakfast we visited the  dolphins, watched the Shamu show and walked around while Parker napped in the stroller. We have invested in annual passes so I'm sure we will be back to SeaWorld soon. Parking was easy, everything is stroller and kid friendly and Parker loves fish! There are no hills like at the San Diego Zoo.  FYI, I'm so glad SeaWorld is breastfeeding friendly. I saw no less than 3 nursing rooms while we walked around the park. The rooms made it really convenient for me to feed Parker throughout the day. On our way out, we bought Parks a stuffed toy penguin whom we've named "Macaroni".

After SeaWorld, we went home for a family nap and then headed to Extraordinary Desserts for dinner and cake with a few of our friends. I want to say a special thank you to Tuan for planning a fun day for me!

[Wearing my new gap always skinny jeans. First pair of jeans that I did not have the hem. It's a short person miracle!]

[A daddy and Parker moment]

[I'm not sure who was more excited about the whale. I'm pretty sure it was Tuan.]

[Our seats at breakfast with Shamu were amazing. Good job, husband!]

[Nursing Parker behind a closed cafe. This was before we learned that there were lactation rooms located throughout the park.]

[I was almost attacked by a seagull while feeding the sea lions. Good thing my ninja skills kicked in and I avoided getting fish jacked.]

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