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Monday, February 8, 2016

Parker Turns 3

I've been frequently asking Parker to stop growing up lately. When he says things like, "Actually, this Batman is blue." I think, actually you are a baby so you shouldn't be starting your sentences with actually. Little man has been insisting on brushing his own teeth, doing his own "funky" hair and feeding himself. Today, at 10:36 AM he turns three and I can't wait to have an all-day mommy and Parker date with him. Cheers to my shy guy! I hope you always love robots, construction trucks, animals and superheroes. One day, when "bawwoons" turn into balloons and "toiwets" turn into toilets, I'll be able to look at this blog post to remember how you used to be my baby.

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I'll be posting more pictures from the epic Wild Kratts party we had over the weekend soon! 

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