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Sunday, February 9, 2014

A Colorful Birthday Celebration for Parker

Where do I even begin? After 3+ months of pinning ideas for Parker's birthday, everything finally came together on Saturday. Here are some photos from P's colorful first birthday celebration full of balloons, sprinkles and fun!
Thank you to all our family and friends that came to celebrate with us. Parker loved all his gifts. We especially want to thank Tuan's mom and step dad for making all of the party food. It was delicious!
Thank you to my amazing husband who helped me pull this off. You are the best. I can't wait to take Parker to Disneyland (his birthday gift from us).
[Cake flown in from Momofuku Milk Bar in NYC]

[I put sprinkles on everything. Dipped pretzels, rice krispie treats and strawberries.]

[We also added some birthday oreos and animal crackers to the mix]

[We had a lot of babies at the party so I wanted to have a spread just for them. I filled these colorful bowls from Costco with blueberries, plain macaroni pasta, cheese, chicken nuggets, fish sticks and snap peas.]

[One of the party highlights was a balloon pit. We fenced off half of the living room and filled the pit with balloons 3 ft deep. It was a huge hit with both kids and adults and took about 300 balloons of various shapes and sizes to fill.]

[This was my WOW piece. A giant fringe wall inspired by a DIY project on Oh Happy Day. I love the way this looked and the fact that crepe paper is almost indestructable. Crepe paper from Papermart. 34" letter balloons from Amazon. Not gonna lie. It's still hanging in our house right now.] 

[We filled 36" clear balloons with tissue paper confetti from PomLove. The tassel garland tails were made by yours truly. Just FYI, I learned that you can only hang about 5 tassels on each balloon without weighing them down.]

[Custom birthday shirt by BirthdayCouture on Etsy]

[The one thing I didn't make? This cute felt birthday sign from Target.]

[It's Vietnamese tradition (called thoi noi) to let the birthday boy pick what he will be when he grows up. We placed various items on the floor and sat him in the middle. Items included a book (scholar), a stethoscope (doctor), pen (writer), whisk (chef) and money (finance/banker).]

[First he picked the money.]

[Then he picked the stethoscope.]

[Then he cried when everyone cheered at his good choices.]

[Kaden playing in the balloon pit. Balloons were getting popped left and right but none of the kids seemed to mind.]

[One of my favorite projects was making Parker's birthday crown. I really liked this crown from Etsy but didn't want to pay $28 for it so I made my own using this tutorial. I also made a really simple triangle bunting to decorate this high chair with.]

[It's my party and I will stuff my face with cake if I want to!]

[My sister Tania getting confetti blown in her face. Ha!]

[Opening his first gift.]

[The best gifts of all were all our family and friends who came to visit. Baby E is the cutest!]

[My super photogenic niece Audrey jumping in the bounce house. What a great way to let the kids get their energy out in a contained environment...and out of the house!]

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