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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Parker Turns 2

Parker is two! Things have been a little chaotic with the move so we didn't throw a party this year. I know, I know...I experienced some major guilt over not throwing him a kick ass superhero party. Instead, we took him to California Adventure for a fun day of meeting some of his favorite Disney characters. We watched shows and parades, ate ice cream, opened Kinder eggs (thanks Auntie Casey!) and went on rides. Little man had so much fun he didn't want to go to sleep when we finally got home. Unfortunately for him, Mommy and Daddy had to go to work the next day. Hope you guys enjoy my iPhone pics of our fun day.

Cheers to you, Parker! You are such an amazing kid and you surprise us everyday with your growing vocabulary. We love you to pieces. Happy Birthday!!

[Parker woke up at 5:45 AM and was very excited to receive his first gift. Avengers Assemble! The bed head is adorable.]

[I managed to hang a banner in the kitchen the night before. He was so happy to take a photo with his favorite superhero friends.]

[Showing grandpa "Thor hammer". You see that box to the right? That's Tuan's gift to Parker. Superhero pajamas from Pottery Barn Kids. Now he will match his pillow case.]

[Family selfie. Parker was busy playing his his birthday pin.]

[On Daddy's shoulders walking through Carsland.]

[I love his birthday shirt. Purchased from SandiLake Clothing on Etsy.]

[Flik, Kaden, Princess Eden and the Birthday Boy.]

[Instead of cake, we got an ice cream sundae from Ghiradelli and put some candles on it. It took a lot of baby wipes to clean up the aftermath.]

[Messing around with his auntie while we waited for the Pixar parade.]

[Starting to look a little rough as the day winds down.]

[He got to meet Princess Let it Go! That's what he calls Elsa and Anna.]

[Relaxing in his stroller as we leave the park. Must be nice to not have to make the trek back to the tram and through the parking structure. I'm going to suggest that we find a double stroller that Tuan can push us around in.]

[I can't believe he stayed awake for the whole ride home and didn't want to go to bed. Here's my last snap of the day. Parker in his pajamas hanging out in bed with his new toys.]

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  1. Looks like your little man had an amazing day. His shirt is so awesome might have to have a look at one for my nephew's 2nd Birthday coming up in a few months.