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Friday, August 28, 2015

Adventuring in Big Sur, California

Tuan and I recently went on our first overnight trip without Parker. It was hard to leave our little man behind but we had such a great time visiting friends and hanging out sans baby. Here are a few pictures from our one night of glamping in Big Sur. 

[This is what it looks like when your husband is annoyed that you keep wanting to stop to take pictures.]

[Buzzard's Roost Trail was a fun hike but the pay off was not worth it. We saw some people struggling through the climb in flip flops which was totally insane.]

[The view from the top of Buzzard's Roost. Whomp whomp.]

[Quite possibly the greatest picture I've ever taken of Tuan. My instructions were to be creepy. He nailed it.]

[After a day of hiking, we started a fire in front of our glamping site and made smores. Glamping under red woods was amazing. I hope we can do it again soon.]

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