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Thursday, August 20, 2015

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico 2015 Family Vacation

Our recent trip to Cabo was 10 years in the making. TEN YEARS. I have known Susan, Liz, Giao and Thuy since high school and though we are all close, we are terrible at planning get-togethers. To make up for lost time, we planned a 5 day, 4 night trip to Cabo San Lucas to celebrate all of our 30th birthdays and had the time of our lives hanging out, eating tacos and spending too much time on boats. Happy 30th birthday to everyone in the gang! Cheers to many more years of friendship.

Quick reviews

Club Tesoro - Amazing location, inconsistent service/quality, stop trying to sell me a timeshare.

Recommended Good Eats
Taco Guss - Delicious tacos, this is all I needed to eat.
Soloman's Landing Restaurant - Great breakfast spot if you don't mind looking at pics of Guy Fieri.
Maro's Shrimp House - Total tourist spot but food was good. Dip everything in the butter.
Salvatore's - Great italian food in Mexico. Who would have thought?

[Parker's first time having his very own seat. Tuan and I were dreading having to haul his big carseat around but it was a breeze with the Traveling Toddler Car Seat Travel Accessory. Genius invention! Everyone should have one.]

[The flight to Cabo was about 2 hours from San Diego. Once we got into the city and checked in our room, we were greeted by this amazing view of the marina.]

[Parker literally spent hours hanging out in the swimming pool. He was able to show off his mad swimming skills to all his uncles and aunts.]

[Giao and Phillip.]

[Liz, Elijah and Huy.]

[This pic of Parker splashing in the pool is one of my favorites from the trip. Rash guard from J Crew, board shorts from Cotton On Kids.]

[Matching in our Ray Bans.]

[The hotel's proximity to the marina was a bonus. Many evenings were spent strolling around in the crazy heat looking for crabs, puffers and other marine life swimming in the water.]

[My itty bitty tourist checking out the carved turtles.]

[We ate a lot of delicious food on our trip but the one place we kept going back to was Tacos Guss. I cannot say enough about this place. All of the tacos were on point especially the al pastor and lengua.]

[We roll deep.]

[Steven having the time of his life while Susan helps prepare a Bulldog, Maro's signature drink, for him.]

[One of the highlights of Parker's trip was opening Kinder Surprise Eggs everyday. It's so lame that they are not available (legally) in the U.S.]

And then we decided to get drunk and take couple photos...

[Thuy & David]

[These two crazies. Susan and Steven.]

[Huy, Baby E and Liz]

[Giao & Phillip]


[Love that we are still crazy and silly.]

[Chilaquiles from Soloman's. Bomb.]

[As we were pulling out of the marina for our snorkeling trip, this boat pulled in. Yes!]

[Parker had a ton of fun playing with Uncle Phillip on this trip. Here they are playing with the wooden Lightening McQueen and Towmater I bought for him in the giftshop.] 

[We could not find a paleteria for the life of us so we settled for soft serve at Burger King. Check out Parker's toe in this pic.]

[Swimming with the dolphins did not go well. We lasted about 20 minutes in the water before Parker screamed to get out. Thanks Susan for being a trooper and joining us for this experience. The "professional" pictures are timeless. I hope you make that your Christmas card photo this year.]

We could have been in any city and I would have been a happy camper just for the opportunity to spend time with my BFFs.

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