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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

San Diego Flying Leatherneck Aviation Museum

After years of asking Tuan, "Can we go there?" everytime we passed by the Flying Leatherneck Aviation Museum, he finally gave in. Score one for me and Parker! Why not right? It's so close to home, admission is FREE and we get to explore a bit of history. Our little aviation enthusiast was stoked to run around among some very impressive and historic planes. He kept pointing out the "baby airplanes" and "BIIIIGG airplanes" and looking for "Dusty Hopper" aka Dusty Crophopper from Disney's Planes. It was a short, memorable visit and I definitely want to take Parker back for one of the open cockpit days. I would definitely recommend making a quick trip to this museum with your little one.

Flying Leatherneck Aviation Museum & Historical Foundation
Open 9:00 AM - 3:30 PM (closed Mondays and Federal Holidays)
Admission is always free for all ages
Located on Miramar Road & Andersen Avenue

Mom Tips: 
-Don't forget your sunscreen. There is no shade unless you count standing under airplane wings.
-Bring your own water. There isn't a place to purchase drinks and snacks. 
-Wear closed-toe shoes. The planes are surrounded by rockscaping. You have to walk through the rocks if you want to get up close and personal with them. The docent also told us that there have been snakes spotted among the rocks so watch where you step!

[Parker's reaction every time he saw an airplane he liked. Classic.]

[Soaking in some aviation history.]

[His enthusiasm was infectious.]

[This one looks just like Skipper Riley right? Everything from the colors to the bent wings.]

[He kept asking us if he could touch their noses so we let him walk up to the planes to touch and feel. There are no rules against it.]

[Parker really liked this helicopter because it has teef.]

[A UH-1 Bell Huey, the same type of helicopter used to evacuate Americans and select south Vietnamese from the US Embassy in Saigon 40 years ago. Every time I see/read/hear anything that has to do with the Vietnam War it makes me teary.]

[After exploring all the big planes outside, we went inside the trailer to test our knowledge and check out additional war memorabilia.] 

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