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Thursday, May 28, 2015

I'm Obsessed with my Fitbit Charge HR

I'm obsessed. I admit it. I'm obsessed. Tuan gave me a Fitbit Charge HR for Mother's Day and I have since become a slave to counting my steps and checking my heart rate. Every morning I wake up and think about all the steps I will take during my day. I try to think of more ways to sneak in additional steps. I strategize about how I can beat my friends' step counts so I can win the work week hustle. I think of the joy I will feel when I hit my goal of 15,000 steps and my Fitbit congratulates me by vibrating and flashing on my wrist. I can't stop checking my stats. The struggle is real. In the (almost) three weeks I have worn my Fitbit, I have walk/run 117 miles. That's over half of the 200 mile goal I set for the whole of 2015.

I understand this sounds crazy but as long as it's keeping me motivated to move I am a fan! Do you have a Fitbit? Have you had the same experience?

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