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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

A Review of Cafe Chloe

We decided to be adventurous and tried a new breakfast/brunch place on Saturday. After getting ready and packing up the car, we headed downtown to Cafe Chloe. Street parking was surprisingly easy to find and, despite some initial confusion over seating with the hostess, we were seated within 15 minutes of arriving. The cafe itself was crowded and loud with conversation. It felt like they tried to pack as many tables and chairs in the dining room as possible. The hard working table busser actually bumped into Parker's high chair while she was clearing a table next to ours because there was so little space in between tables. Our table was located by a large window which looked out onto the street, a great thing for Parker who is a serial people creeper in restuarants. We were served our coffee and tea pretty quickly but had to wait almost an hour for our meals to arrive. Slowest service ever. Mind you, we did not order anything complicated. You can see from the photos below that our meals were pretty basic breakfast fare. The food was disappointing considering how much we spent (a little over $50). I was hoping the preparation or ingredients would justify the cost but Tuan and I were both disappointed by my unexciting breakfast. What a shame! We probably won't be back again. 
[The brunch menu]
[Pomme frites with trio of dips]
[Enjoying his pomme frites]

[Tuan's mocha. I'm pretty sure he's tried every mocha in the county!]
[Croque madam]
[Parker just loves feeding his daddy. Btw, how crazy do the stripes on Tuan's shirt look in this photo? They are making me dizzy.]

[Hot green tea for me]

[Two eggs over-easy, applewood bacon, baguette with herbed butter]
[Walking around outside of Cafe Chloe]


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