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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Snapshots from the Weekend

Last week I went to Santa Barbara for a marketing conference and came back very late Thursday night. Being away from Parker and Tuan was hard but all of us survived and then enjoyed a 3 day weekend together. Here are some snapshots from our mellow weekend.
Side note: my in laws are in town! We are so excited to have home cooked Vietnamese food and are planning to sneak out for a date night.

[The Goleta train depot. It's a 6 hour train ride from SB to SD. Look at that sky!]
[Friday, we had lunch at Boudin at Fashion Valley. Clam chowder and a grilled cheese sandwich since it's still lent for us and turtle bread for Parks.]

[We were suppose to go to my niece Audrey's birthday party at Adventure City on Saturday but Parker contracted roseola. Not fun. So we stayed home most of the day instead.]

[We went to Rockin' Jenny's in Esco for dinner. I had their parmesan chicken sub which was ok. I wouldn't order it again.]

[Parker was exceptionally hungry this weekend and has now doubled his food intake. I'm pretty sure he is going through a growth spurt. Stop growing, baby!]


  1. Love the pics! It's the same comment over and over but its never gonna get old..."parker is so effing cute!" :) you guys are an adorable family.