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Friday, March 14, 2014

Parker's First Visit to Disneyland

Last Saturday we took Parker to Disneyland for the first time and it was so much fun. In preparation for the trip, I planned our itinerary using, read a bunch of blogs with advice on how to survive Disneyland with a toddler and did research on all the rides he could go on. We tried to stick as close to his normal feeding and napping schedule as we could so he wouldn't be too out of wack. The result? A happy day at Disneyland for us and Parker. Success!
What I learned:
1. Take advantage of the baby center. We were there at least 4 times during our visit to heat bottles, nurse and change diapers/outfits. They even carry nursing pads and have tiny potties for kids who are potty training.
2. Be patient. We took things nice and slow as to not overwhelm Parker with rushing around. Don't feel like you have to go on every ride.
3. Make sure to pack a lot of snacks and water. Snacks are a great distraction while you are waiting in ride lines.
4. Get cash before going to the park. The balloon vendors only take cash. We totally failed at this.  
5. Plan ahead and make sure you know which rides your little one can go on.
6. Ride in the first or last car of the tram that takes you to the park so you don't have to collapse your stroller.
7. A lot of the kiddie rides are still kind of scary i.e Pinocchio, Mr. Toads. We skipped those.
8. Bring PJs so you can change your little one before they get to the car. I guarantee that they will fall asleep pretty quickly after a fun filled day. We also brought along Parker's current favorite book Brown Bear, Brown Bear.

[Enjoying some of the scenery. It's not all about the rides.]
[How cute are his Mickey ears? I love it!]

[A family photo with Jessie! Also, I need to stop wearing clothes that are too big for me.]

[We had lunch at the Big Thunder Ranch BBQ. For about $25/person we ate all the ribs and bbq chicken we could fit in our bellies. It was a really satisfying lunch and we were so full we skipped dinner.]

[Messing around in Toon Town]
[The highlight of Tuan's day: seeing all the Iron Man suits on display at Innoventions]

[Waiting in line for Astroblasters. Parker is really tired.]

[The highlight of Parker's day: following this duck around for 30 mins.]

[We had to buy him a new shirt because the other one was totally soiled after lunch.]

[2nd highlight of Parker's day: eating a Disney churro for the first time while we waited for the parade.]

[Mamas tired feet.]

[I really wanted to get him a balloon but we failed to pull out cash before we got to the park. DOH!]

[He loved the parade.]

[A baby carrier is a MUST. He was getting squirmy in his stroller because he didn't want to miss any of the action.]


[I know this is blurry but this is one of my favorite moments of the day. Parker discovered that he could mimic the steamboat noise and was cracking up.]

[Don't mess with these guns!!]

[In his pajamas and reading while we wait for the fireworks.]

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